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20-year-old woman falls in love with her biological father and gives birth to his baby

By Tanya Clark 5:32 AM February 5, 2018
Steven Pladl and Katie Pladl

A young woman fell in love with her biological father and she wants to marry him following the birth of his baby.

The girl’s mother notified the police in North Carolina about the relationship after reading about it in her younger daughter’s journal.

According to the mother, her younger daughter wrote that her father was forcing her to call her older sister stepmom as he was planning to marry his daughter.

The daughter also had a drawing depicting her older sister appearing to be pregnant with her father’s baby.

The horrified mother called police who arrested 42-year-old Steven Walter Pladl and his biological daughter, 20-year-old Katie Rose Pladl, on charges of incest.

Katie Pladl has since given birth to a healthy baby. She and her baby share the same father.

According to the mother, she gave birth to Katie when she was 17-years-old while Steven was 22 and they gave her up for adoption.

When Katie reached the age of 18, she located her biological parents and went to live with them.

After some time, her parents separated and Katie stayed with her father. The two then became romantically involved and are planning to get married.