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8 people blow themselves up after hammering a nail into a bomb because they were curious

By Emily Lewis 1:54 PM February 6, 2018
Hammer and nail (illustration)

Several adults and children have died after a bomb exploded while they were trying to break it, according to police in the Philippines.

Zamboanga del Norte police said that they have launched an investigation into the incident that killed 8 people and injured 5.

On Wednesday afternoon, Marcelo Antogon found the 81mm mortar in a river.

He grabbed the bomb and brought it to the factory where he worked and showed it to his coworkers.

A large crowd of adults and children gathered as Antogon began hammering a nail into the bomb in order to see what was inside.

After several strikes, the bomb exploded.

Antogon, Roel Balamban, Ladi Balamban, Robert Timbulaan, and his two brothers, 6 and 9, died at the scene.

The two others who died at the scene were not identified.

5 other people were rushed to a hospital, where they are being treated for serious injuries.