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80-year-old man banned from every farm in Britain after penetrating cow with his fist while pleasuring himself

By Alexis Bell 11:33 AM February 4, 2018
John Curno

An elderly man in the United Kingdom was arrested after he was caught with his pants down on a farm.

80-year-old John Curno of London was found guilty of two charges of outraging public decency after a brief trial.

Owners Ian and Susan Howie of the Park Lodge Farm in Uxbridge said that the Curno came on their property often over the past decade.

To them, he seemed harmless, but they had no idea about what he was up to.

The Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court heard that Curno had “interfered” with several cows on at least two occasions.

On one occasion, Curno was seen by the farmer’s wife “stroking and talking” to the cows while touching himself.

According to court documents, during the second incident, two sisters saw Curno with his pants down around his ankles.

He had one hand inserted into the bottom of the animal and he used the other hand to pleasure himself.

Police were called and the defendant was found on a nearby public road.

During his arrest, the elderly man told police: “I am not a violent person. I have a weakness with animals.”

While he is awaiting sentencing, Magistrate Michael Akers imposed bail conditions that prohibited Curno from going on any farms in the country.