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Blind woman becomes judge to select beauty pageant winner

By Emily Lewis 5:55 AM February 11, 2018
Ashley Nemeth

A woman who is blind was chosen as a judge to help determine the winner of a beauty pageant in Canada.

Officials of the Mrs. Canada Globe announced that 31-year-old Ashley Nemeth of Regina, Saskatchewan, will join the panel of 6 judges because of her ability to recognize inner beauty.

Nemeth became blind as a child. She is a married mother of several children and a blogger who is trying to break down stereotypes about blindness.

The organization wrote on Instagram: “Excited to introduce celebrity judge Ashley Nemeth who will be joining our judging panel this weekend at the Mrs. Canada Globe Pageant.

“Ashley Nemeth is recognized as a vocal advocate who breaks down barriers for the blind and partially sighted community.

“As a role model, she is breaking down barriers, stigmas, and misconceptions, and addressing issues that her community faces by speaking publicly.

“She is also a leader by example and represents the possibilities for people with sight issues by achieving a high level of independence and mastering living life to its fullest, not letting disability determine what she can and can’t do.”