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Burglar returns to crime scene wearing stolen homeowner’s clothes after leaving her keys and phone in home

By Alexis Bell 8:37 AM February 13, 2018
Leah Ross

A woman came home to find that her home has been burglarized.

Leah Ross of Winnipeg, Canada, found her back door wide open.

Things were scattered around in the kitchen and her basement was in disarray.

Ross called the police, and while waiting for them, she found one of her old jackets on her lawn.

As she went outside to retrieve the jacket, she saw the burglar, a teenage girl, walking towards her home.

The 17-year-old girl was wearing the clothing she stole from Ross’ home. Ross grabbed her phone and took a photo of the thief for evidence.

She then asked the suspect: “Are you going to hurt me?” The teen said “no.” Ross then asked the teen if there was anyone else in her home and the thief again said “no.”

The teenager explained that she returned to the home because she left her phone and keys inside. The girl said that she entered the home through a basement window.

Ross, a part-time teacher, saw that the 17-year-old girl was sad so she gave her a hug and invited her inside. Ross gave the girl some food and the two spoke.

When police arrived, Ross refused to press charges as she learned that the girl ran away from foster care.

The girl was placed in foster care by her biological parents after she got caught up in drugs, Ross said. Ross stayed in touch with the girl and is helping her turn her life around.

Ross said that she decided to go public with her story to show others that sometimes “showing compassion to strangers can lead to surprisingly positive outcomes.”