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Cheating mother cons her husband and son into killing her lover after he threatened to expose their affair

By Mason White 9:09 AM February 8, 2018
Moises Moraes

A woman managed to convince her husband and son to kill her lover after he threatened to expose their affair.

57-year-old Moises Morae of Brazil, who is a farmer, went missing last month.

Police said that on Tuesday, the farmer was shot dead before his body was burned by suspects after he blackmailed his mistress by threatening to send her family pictures, videos, and intimate conversations between the two.

According to the Civil Police, Morae was married and had an extramarital relationship with his neighbor who was also married.

The two had been having an extramarital affair for 5 years and they have discussed their plans to leave their partners to be in an exclusive relationship.

Morae followed through with the plan and left his wife but his lover decided to stay with her family.

Morae began pressuring the woman to leave her husband as she promised.

When he threatened to blackmail her by showing photos and videos of them to her husband, she decided to have him killed.

The woman told her husband and son that she was sexually abused and threatened with a weapon by the farmer.

According to police, the lover’s husband and son believed her account and came up with a plan kill him.

The woman called Morae and asked him to meet her. When the farmer arrived on a motorcycle, he was shot dead by his lover’s husband.

The family then wrapped the body in a tarp, carried it to another location, placed it on a pile of wood, and set it on fire.

Police arrested the mistress, 44, her husband, 53, their son, 22, her daughter, 19, and a neighbor, 39.

According to police, the daughter did not participate directly in the crime but she helped transport the body to the area where it was set on fire.

Officers confiscated six firearms from the home.

The husband and neighbor were booked for illegal possession of a firearm.

All of the suspects are being investigated for homicide and concealment of a corpse.