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Chicago singer gets 15 years prison for rapping while holding 2 guns during music video shoot

By Mason White 1:27 PM February 12, 2018
Ricardo Burgos

An aspiring singer will spend a long time in prison for holding two guns while recording a music video, according to police in Illinois.

Chicago police said that they have arrested 41-year-old Ricardo Burgos for illegally possessing weapons.

Now, the aspiring rapper has been sentenced to more than 15 years in federal prison for illegally possessing a handgun while recording his music video.

Ricardo Burgos, 31, possessed the guns while recording the rap music video in a hotel room.

Burgos, who performed under the name “Nation,” can be seen in the video holding two firearms while rapping about selling drugs, committing acts of violence, and disrespecting law enforcement.

Burgos had previously been convicted of multiple felonies and was not legally allowed to possess a firearm.

Burgos pleaded guilty to one count of illegal possession of a firearm by a felon and one count of distribution of a controlled substance.

U.S. District Judge Ronald A. Guzman on Tuesday imposed a 188-month prison sentence.

Burgos admitted in a plea declaration that he possessed a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol while recording the video in a hotel room in Deerfield.

Shortly thereafter, Burgos brought the gun to the Austin neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago, where Chicago Police officers arrested him.

Law enforcement subsequently determined that the .45-caliber pistol had been stolen from a store in Indiana.

The gun was also used in a shooting in Chicago two days before the music video was recorded.

The previous drug charge arose from multiple illegal narcotic sales by Burgos three years ago.

Burgos sold 4 grams of crack cocaine and 1.4 grams of heroin to several undercover police officers.