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Dentist ordered to reimburse his mother $750,000 for expenses she paid while raising him

By Mason White 9:12 AM February 12, 2018
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A mother who took her lawsuit all the way to the supreme court won a large sum of cash after judges ordered her son to reimburse her the money she spent on raising and educating him.

The mother who was identified as Mrs. Chu of Taiwan divorced her husband in 1990. She then raised her two sons by herself.

The mother was worried that when she grows old, she will be a statistic and be abandoned like many elderly people in the country.

In order to avoid that situation, the sons agreed to reimburse her for the money she spent on raising them and their education.

Mrs. Chu asked her two sons, who were in their low 20s, to sign a note indicating their promise to her, and they did so.

The two sons eventually moved away from their mother’s home and started their careers.

Mrs. Chu complained that since her sons began dating, they stopped calling her and their girlfriends demanded that she stop “bothering” her sons.

Armed with the promissory notes, Mrs. Chu hired an attorney to collect the money that her sons owned her for raising them.

The older son eventually agreed to settle the case and paid his mother $160,000.

However, the 41-year-old son, who is now a dentist, did not want to honor the 20-year-old contract.

He claimed that the contract violated “good customs” as “raising a child should not be measured in financial terms.”

A lower court agreed with the son and denied the mother compensation.

However, after an 8-year long battle, the case was heard by Taiwan’s Supreme Court.

Judges at the supreme court said that the contract was valid because the son was an adult when he signed it.

In addition, the court stated that as a dentist, the son was capable of repaying his mother the debt of $750,000.