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Doctor offers cheap health care to poor people and infects 40 of them with HIV

By Emily Lewis 9:02 AM February 8, 2018
Rajesh Yadav

Poor people who were unable to pay for healthcare were happy when a doctor offered them an affordable solution.

The doctor in India offered door to door services to those who were unable to pay for transportation.

Many poor people began using the doctor.

At some point, health officials were alarmed by the large number of reported HIV cases in that area. During their investigation, officials discovered that all of the HIV infected people used the same doctor.

Sadly, according to police in Uttar Pradesh, the man was not a licensed doctor but a scam artist who was looking to make easy money.

The doctor who was identified as Rajesh Yadav was arrested and is facing charges of causing an HIV outbreak.

Police said that so far, about 40 people were diagnosed with HIV, which was caused when the doctor used the same needle to treat all patients.