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Eagle snatched dog from family’s yard and flew away before dropping it miles away

By Alexis Bell 1:47 PM February 5, 2018
Monica Newhard reunited with Zoey

A family in Pennsylvania searched the streets around their home to locate their beloved dog after an eagle snatched it and flew away.

Monica Newhard said that the incident unfolded on Tuesday as her dog Zoey was playing in front of her home.

Suddenly, a large eagle swooped in and snatched the white puppy.

The eagle then flew away along with the screaming dog.

Newhard and her family were brokenhearted.

They began searching the surrounding streets, expecting to find the dead remains of Zoey.

Newhard said that she loved her dog and just wanted to give it a proper burial.

When she was unable to locate her dog, Newhard wrote about Zoey on Facebook.

She asked everyone in her area to be on the lookout for a dead dog and contact her if Zoey was found.

Later that day, Christina Hartman drove on a side road and spotted a white fluffy ball.

Hartman instantly knew that it was a dog in need of help.

She stopped her car, wrapped Zoey in a blanket and took it home.

When Hartman logged onto Facebook, she noticed Newhard’s post.

Hartman contacted Newhard and Zoey was returned on Wednesday.

Newhard was overjoyed as she never imagined finding her beloved Zoey alive.