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Father beats children and wife with aerosol can because they did not want to help him file his taxes

By Tanya Clark 6:54 AM February 7, 2018
David Munyawera

Police in Tennessee were called to a home after a father hit his children when he became frustrated about his taxes.

According to police, the man’s 14-year-old daughter managed to escape from their Nashville home.

She went to a friend’s home.

Police were called and her father, 57-year-old David Munyawera, was arrested for domestic disturbance battery.

The family told police that Munyawera, who was intoxicated, was sitting at the kitchen table, where he was preparing to file his taxes.

At some point, he asked his daughter and younger brother to help him file his taxes.

When they refused and suggested that he do the taxes at another time, Munyawera ran after them and then beat them with an aerosol can.

He then attacked his wife while she was in her bed.