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Father buried alive after beach sand tunnel he built for his kids collapsed on top of him

By Tanya Clark 11:32 AM February 4, 2018
Lee Goggin with his wife Courtney and 2 of their 3 children

What was supposed to be a great vacation for a family at Disney World ended in a tragedy when a man lost his life in a freak accident.

35-year-old Lee Goggin of Texas, a father of three children, was on vacation with his family in Florida when the horrific incident occurred.

Rachel Goggin Burt wrote on GoFundMe: “Our family was just starting off the vacation when we stopped at the beach in St. Augustine to let the kids burn some energy.”

The devoted father spent time with his children by digging a tunnel through the side of a sand dune.

At some point, a child who was inside, stepped out while his father was still digging. Suddenly, the sand caved in, burying the father.

Emergency workers dug up the sand and were eventually able to rescue him.

Goggin, a personal trainer from Dallas, suffered a heart attack while being buried alive. He was taken to Flagler Hospital, where he died.

Kind-hearted people donated money to help his wife Courtney and their 3 children. The family has raised $59,700, which far exceeded their expectations of their $5,000 goal.