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Father and stepmother humiliate girl by chopping off her hair after her mother took got her highlights for her birthday

By William Martin 8:55 AM February 6, 2018
Kelsey before and after the haircut

A man and his wife were suspended from their jobs after receiving backlash from people around the world.

This came after the father humiliated his teenage daughter by forcefully chopping off her long hair to make a point.

Christin Johnson of Fostoria, Ohio, wrote on Facebook that she pampered her daughter Kelsey for her 13th birthday.

The mother and daughter had a nice time together. Johnson allowed her daughter to put blonde highlights in her hair.

Kelsey was delighted with her new look and was radiant in the pictures her mother posted on Facebook.

The next day, she went to visit her father and stepmother.

It turned out that her father was not happy with his daughter’s new look as he thought she was too young to color her hair.

The father punished Kelsey by cutting almost all of her hair off. Kelsey was humiliated and refused to show her face when her mother took photos of her short haircut.

Johnson posted the before and after photos to Facebook, where they went viral. Some people commented that the father wanted to show his former wife who was boss without thinking about how Kelsey would suffer.

A local wig shop offered to give Kelsey the hair of her choice to make her happy and feel comfortable again. Johnson posted photos of her daughter at the wig salon smiling after getting long brown hair.

Kelsey’s father and stepmother were questioned and are being investigated by the Wood County Job and Family Services as well as the local police department.

Both have reportedly been suspended from their jobs as firefighters pending the outcome of the investigations.