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Government agency forces foster kids to live in cars parked at gas station until homes are found for them

By Alexis Bell 5:41 AM February 11, 2018
Parked car (illustration)

Shocking videos exposed the conditions kids are placed in by those who took them from their parents with the promise to keep them safe.

Sadly, this is not the case.

The taxpayer-funded organization, Youth and Family Alternatives, in Florida, which was contracted to care for children until homes are found for them, are accused of causing suffering to those kids.

Some children were found to be living in cars and vans that were parked at a Wawa gas station.

The kids are being left alone for hours during which time they listen to music through the Wawa WiFi service and use the Wawa bathrooms. Workers come by to hand them meals.

Former Youth and Family Alternatives case manager Sharday Moore said that the children sit alone throughout the day and night.

She added that many of the children do not attend school.

Workers for the Eckerd Family Center in Tampa said that those confined to living in cars are mostly troubled foster teens who were banned from their facility due to bad behavior.

After the terrible conditions were exposed, Eckerd Connects ended its contract with The Youth and Family Alternatives, which provides foster care to more than 1,700 foster kids in Hillsborough County.