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Grandmother devastated after someone tied up her puppy’s legs and threw it in front of speeding car

By Tanya Clark 6:58 AM February 7, 2018
Deb Ferrara with Rex

A woman is grieving the loss of her beloved puppy, which was her constant companion since it was born.

Deb Ferrara of Vacaville, California, grew very close to her 18-month-old dog Rex as the puppy kept her company in her lonely days.

One day, when Ferrara returned home from her friend’s funeral, she discovered that Rex was missing. She was devastated and went out searching for the puppy.

After several hours of searching, the dog owner was happy to receive a call from someone who found the dog.

Sadly, the news was not what she expected. Monica Andersen and her fiance, Erik Gow, found Rex.

Andersen said that while driving by the Davis Street exit off eastbound Interstate 80, she saw the puppy being thrown from a blue Prius in front of other cars.

The dog never had a chance to save itself as the animal abuser had tied its legs together making impossible for Rex to escape.

Andersen quickly got out of her vehicle to rescue the dog but it was too late as another vehicle hit Rex.

Andersen saw the name tag and contacted Ferrara to break the bad news to her.

The Pause 4 Paws Rescue Mission is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.