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Grandmother finds pieces of dead rat in bag of vegetables after feeding her granddaughter lunch

By Mason White 8:51 AM February 9, 2018
Four Seasons Mixed Vegetables bag

A grandmother in the United Kingdom freaked out after realizing that she fed pieces of a dead rat to her granddaughter.

Aldi has issued a recall for Four Seasons Mixed Vegetables after 60-year-old Pat Bateman of Cornwall found the dead rat inside one of the bags.

In total, the supermarket chain is recalling 38,000 bags.

Bateman bought a bag of Four Seasons Mixed Vegetables and fed nearly the entire contents to her 2-year-old granddaughter, who loves vegetables.

When the bag was nearly empty, Bateman looked inside and found pieces of the dead rat.

She felt sick to her stomach and was afraid that her granddaughter would become ill.

Luckily, nothing happened to the child.

Bateman went back to the Aldo supermarket and told a manager what she had found.

The manager did not take her seriously and offered a $45 voucher.

Bateman decided to call Aldi headquarters to share her story.

Aldo launched an investigation and recalled the entire shipment of Four Seasons Mixed Vegetables.

They also suspended production of the vegetables.

The company has also offered $700 to Bateman as compensation.

Since the recall was issued, two more people came forward to say that they found rats inside their bags of vegetables.