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Grandmother murdered by her daughter and grandson because they wanted to get rid of her and get her house

By Alexis Bell 1:50 PM February 11, 2018
Barry Rogers and Penelope John

A mother and son killed an elderly woman because they wanted to get rid of her and get her house, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Pembrokeshire police said that they have arrested Barry Rogers, 33, and his mother, Penelope John, 50, after being accused of killing 84-year-old Betty Guy.

In court, the two suspects denied killing the grandmother, saying she died of natural caused after suffering from stomach and colon cancer.

After a trial at the Swansea Crown Court, the two were found guilty of murder.

Justice Lewis sentenced the mother and son to life in prison.

They will have to serve at least 11 years before being eligible for parole.

According to the police investigation, Rogers lived with his grandmother, Guy, for many years.

At some point, the mother and son decided to get rid of the elderly woman to get her house.

John’s sister claimed that the two killed Guy for kicks and because they believed that they can get away with it.

One night, John crushed pills and mixed them with whiskey.

She then fed the cocktail to her mother.

Rogers then held a pillow on his grandmother’s face and killed her.

The following morning, Rogers called the police to report that Guy died overnight of natural caused.

He told the police that Guy suffered from stomach and colon cancer and was terminally ill.

Police believe his story and closed the case.

Several days later, John and Rogers cremated Guy’s body in order to destroy any evidence.

After several years, Rogers began telling his partners that Guy did not die of natural causes.

Rhian Morris, who is the mother of Rogers’ child, told investigators that he admitted to giving a cocktail of drugs mixed with alcohol to his grandmother before she died.

Rogers’ girlfriend, Lisa Watkins, told the police that he claimed Guy asked him to kill her because she was old and ill.

He told a similar story to his high-school sweetheart, Sandra Adams.

Police then learned that Guy never had cancer and was not terminally ill.

Police placed recording devices in Guy’s home and heard Rogers telling his mother, John, that she had nothing to worry about because he killed the elderly woman by using a pillow to smother her.