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Half-naked woman stabs her grandfather with knife and fork because he refused to give her his painkillers

By Alexis Bell 1:52 PM February 13, 2018
Ashley Remines

A woman flew into a rage after her grandfather refused to give her his painkillers, according to police in Pennsylvania.

Manchester Township police said that they have arrested 25-year-old Ashley Nicole Remines after being accused of stabbing her grandfather, Robert Yeaple, with a fork and a knife.

Remines has been charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault.

She was taken to Central Booking for a bail hearing.

According to the police investigation, Remines, her mother Tara, and the suspect’s grandfather Yeaple live at a home located in the 3200 block of Susquehanna Trail North.

On Saturday, at around 10:00 p.m., Remines was wearing only a shirt with no pants.

She approached her grandfather ad asked him to share his painkillers with her.

When Yeaple refused, Remines got angry.

She grabbed a bottle of rum and began drinking from the bottle.

A family member then took away the bottle from her.

Remines then grabbed a fork and a knife, approached her grandfather, and stabbed him multiple times in the chest.

She then ran outside and lied down on the ground of the driveway.

Tara called for help.

Paramedics rushed to the scene and took Yeaple to the York Hospital.

Police officers who arrived at the scene found Remines lying half-naked in the driveway.

Remines was smoking a cigarette and told officers she wanted to die.

She urged the police to shoot her.

She was taken into custody without incident.