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Husband instructs doctor to secretly remove wife’s kidney and sells it because her parents owed him money

By William Martin 6:03 AM February 9, 2018
Rita Sarkar

Police were called to a hospital after doctors discovered that a woman’s kidney was removed without her knowledge.

28-year-old Rita Sarkar of India accused her husband of stealing her kidney and selling it on the black market because her parents owed him money.

Sarkar told police that her husband of 12 years, Biswajit Sarkar, was angry that her parents did not pay him the $1,500 dowry they promised.

The wife said that her husband and in-laws tortured her and often spoke about the unpaid dowry.

About two years ago, Sarkar began feeling ill and she had severe stomach pain. Her husband took her to a private hospital in Kolkata for surgery.

She was told by nurses that her appendix was infected and it had to be removed. After undergoing surgery, she continued to suffer from medical issues.

Recently, Sarkar’s family members took her to the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital for treatment. Doctors discovered that her right kidney was missing.

Sarkar was so shocked by the discovery that she decided to go for more testing to make sure that there was no mistake.

After getting the bad news again, she filed a complaint with the police.

Detectives at the Farakka police station in Bengal arrested her husband, Biswajit Sarkar, a clothing merchant, and his brother Shyamal.

Police are now looking for her mother-in-law, Bularani, who is on the run. They are facing charges related to human organ trafficking.