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Husband orders wife to hide drugs in her vagina while sitting in back of police car

By William Martin 1:46 PM February 6, 2018
Steven Schultz and Jamie Schultz

Police officers were surprised to hear a husband instructing his wife to hide drugs in her vagina while sitting in the back of their police cruiser, according to police in Florida.

Daytona Beach police said that they have arrested 37-year-old Steven Joseph Schultz and 28-year-old Jamie Lee Schultz after being accused of possessing drugs.

Both the husband and wife were charged with one count of trafficking cocaine.

According to the police investigation, at around 6:40 p.m., on Friday, officers noticed a Chevrolet truck crossing over the yellow lines on the Interstate 95 near mile marker 301.

Officers pulled over the truck and began writing a warning notice for Steven and Jamie for failing to maintain the lane.

While writing the warning, a police drug-sniffing dog alerted the officers to possible narcotics in the vehicle.

Steven and Jamie were placed in the back of a patrol car while officers searched the truck.

No drugs were found in their vehicle.

Police placed a voice recorder in the patrol car and listened to the conversation between Steven and Jamie.

Steven was heard telling Jamie that he hid cocaine under his testicles.

He then instructed his wife to place the bag of cocaine into her vagina.

When the police officers confronted the couple, Jamie pulled out the bag of cocaine from her vagina.

The baggie contained two ounces of cocaine.