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Inmate kills cellmate who was ruled incompetent to stand trial for molesting children

By Alexis Bell 11:23 AM February 4, 2018
Frederick Patterson (L) and Arthur Williams

A man told police that there “is one less child molester on the streets” after he killed his cellmate.

Authorities in Florida said that the inmate who killed his cellmate is now in solitary confinement.

21-year-old Frederick Patterson III admitted to police that he killed his 83-year-old cellmate, Arthur F. Williams because he was a danger to little kids.

According to the Marianna Police Department, Patterson said that Williams told him stories about touching young children during their time as cellmates.

Patterson was upset that Williams will not face justice as the elderly man was ruled to be incompetent to stand trial.

Instead, Williams, who allegedly traveled from Canada to Florida to stalk the 9-year-old boy he befriended online, was being held in the Jackson County Correctional Facility awaiting transfer to a mental health facility.

This is not the first time that Patterson killed an inmate who was accused of being a danger to children.

Patterson, who was in jail for theft, was sentenced last week to life in prison for killing Scott Collinsworth, 45.

Collinsworth was serving a 15-year sentence for robbery. However, police reports indicate the two killings had the same underlying motive.

Patterson now faces another charge of first-degree murder for killing Williams.