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Judge forced young girls to perform sex acts by threatening to arrest them and giving them drugs

By William Martin 1:28 PM February 12, 2018
Judge Timothy Nolan

A judge trafficked women and girls for many years by threatening to arrest them if they did not follow his orders, according to police in Kentucky.

Attorney General Andy Beshear announced that former Campbell County District Judge Timothy Nolan, 71, has pleaded guilty to numerous felony charges, including human trafficking of adults, promoting human trafficking of minors, and unlawful transaction with minors.

As part of his plea agreement with prosecutors from Beshear’s Special Prosecutions Division, Nolan pleaded guilty to 21 counts against 19 victims and prosecutors’ recommended sentences totaling 20 years in prison.

Nolan will remain in custody at the Campbell County Detention Center.

Nolan of California, Kentucky, was originally charged in a criminal complaint by the Campbell County Police Department for crimes that occurred over a 7 year period.

That complaint alleged that Nolan committed human trafficking with a minor by subjecting a child under age 18 to engage in commercial sexual activity.

He was later indicted on 28 felony and two misdemeanor counts.

“The punishment in this case does not undo the trauma inflicted on the victims, but it brings closure and some justice,” Beshear said.

As part of his plea agreement, Nolan will pay a total of $110,000.

A large portion of the fine will go into the Human Trafficking Victims Fund established by Kentucky lawmakers.

Nolan is subject to lifetime sex offender registration.

According to the police investigation, over 7 years, Nolan befriended many underage girls and one child eve live in his home.

Nolan threatened the girls by saying that he would call his friends at the FBI and have them arrested if they did not follow his orders.

He forced the girls to commit sex acts in exchange for money.

He also gave the girls drugs.