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Landlord throws his tenant out of 3rd-floor window after realizing she was recording him while he attempted to rape her

By Mason White 8:42 AM February 13, 2018
Daniel Chukwuka and Precious

A woman spoke out about her ordeal at the hands of her landlord.

The woman who identified herself as Precious, suffered injuries after being thrown out of a window when she refused to have sex with her landlord.

According to Precious, one day, when she returned from work in Florence, Italy, her landlord, Daniel Chukwuka, who is originally from Nigeria, went into her room and asked for sex.

Precious rejected his demands and refused to have sex with him.

Precious said that her landlord forced himself onto her, and while trying to rape her, he realized that she had set her phone to record him.

This made him furious and Chukwuka pushed Precious out of the window of the three-story building.

Luckily, Precious survived, but she is currently in a hospital. She had surgery on her back and both of her legs were broken.

Chukwuka was arrested on charges stemming from the attempted rape and attempted murder.