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Lawyer steals wallet while going through security at courthouse

By Emily Lewis 6:52 AM February 15, 2018
Steven MacGilvray

An attorney who defended people in court will now have to defend himself after he was accused of committing a crime.

29-year-old Steven Patrick MacGilvray of Raleigh, North Carolina, was arrested and charged with felony larceny.

The arrest came after MacGilvray went through security at a courthouse and handed over a wallet that he found.

At first, MacGilvray appeared to be a good Samaritan who was doing a good deed by returning a lost wallet.

However, when they contacted the owner of the wallet, he informed them that he had $1,600 in cash inside the wallet but officers discovered that the cash was missing.

Court surveillance videos showed the victim taking his belonging from the courthouse security line.

The victim thought that he placed the wallet in his pocket but it fell to the ground. MacGilvray noticed the wallet and picked it up.

He was seen on another surveillance video looking into the wallet. After having the wallet in his possession for some time, MacGilvray finally turned it over to a security guard but it did not contain the cash.

MacGilvray was arrested and charged with felony larceny.