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London woman strips naked and lies on road in front of public bus stranding many passengers

By Tanya Clark 1:51 PM February 7, 2018
Naked woman lies in front of London bus

Passengers of public transportation in the United Kingdom are angry as a young woman regularly strips naked and lies under the wheels of buses, stranding them for many hours.

This week, a motorist managed to record video of the naked woman lying underneath the public bus in London.

The woman, who was not identified, was wearing only small black panties before lying down on the road and blocking bus number 364.

The bus approached the naked woman while flashing its hazard light but she did not move even though the wheels of the bus touched her body.

The motorist began recording the spectacle and said that this woman does this on a regular basis, causing disruptions in traffic.

At first, the woman used one hand to cover her breasts and her second hand to cover her face.

When she saw that the motorist was recording her, she exposed her breasts and face and laughed uncontrollably while lying on Hainault Street.

The video of the naked woman was uploaded to Instagram, where it went viral.

A spokesperson for Transport for London said that they have received the video footage and are investigating the woman.

She faces numerous charges including indecent exposure and disrupting traffic.