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Man born with leg hanging in the air

By Mason White 7:35 AM February 15, 2018
The man before and after surgery

A man who was humiliated his entire life over his deformed legs has finally found doctors willing to correct them.

Petra Akinti Onyegbule spotted a man in Kogi, Nigeria, with his leg hanging behind him in the air.

Instead of going straight down, the man’s leg grew from behind his back and was suspended in the air. The man who has not been named has learned to walk using his good leg.

Onyegbule took a photo of him and posted it to Facebook in order to bring awareness to his plight.

The Facebook post went viral and brought a lot of attention to his suffering.

“I saw this young man yesterday in a village near Ubamaka in Kogi State. I was touched. Is there nothing the medical world can do to his condition?” Onyegbule wrote on Facebook.

Luckily, her post caught the attention of government officials, including Governor Yahaya Bello, who offered to pay for corrective surgery.

After the surgery, Onyegbule wrote on Facebook: “I am so happy I could burst of joy right now. The State Government had undertaken to ensure this young man is given an opportunity to experience what it feels like to stand and walk.

“Well, dear friends, here is our friend. The surgery was successful! He’s still recuperating but we shall see him walk in no time. Dr. Attah J, well done!” Onyegbule added.