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Man contacted underage girls on Facebook and persuaded them to have sex with him before sending sex videos to their friends

By Emily Lewis 1:40 PM February 11, 2018
Phyllip Bertrand

A man persuaded young girls to have sex with him by promising cash and later threatening to publish videos of their sexual encounters, according to police in New York.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced that a 26-year-old Prospect Park South man has been charged in two separate indictments in connection with catfishing three teenage girls into a fake sex for money scheme on Facebook.

He also recorded himself having sex with the girls and threatened to post the videos online if they didn’t continue to be intimate with him.

Gonzalez said: “This defendant is allegedly a sexual predator who targeted vulnerable young girls in a cruel scheme. Parents and social media users should be aware that there are many predators trolling the Internet for victims, who are then preyed upon, and should always closely monitor online activity.”

The suspect was identified as Phyllip Bertrand, who is also known as Coolen Jay or Teddy.

He was arraigned before Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun and was charged with rape, sexual misconduct, and endangering the welfare of a child as well as the use of a child in a sexual performance, promoting a sexual performance by a child, possessing a sexual performance by a child, and coercion.

He is being held on bail of $600,000.

According to the police investigation, the suspect approached multiple teenage girls on Facebook, pretending to be someone known as “Coolen Jay,” and said they could make thousands of dollars by having sex with his friend, “Teddy.”

“Teddy” and “Coolen Jay” were aliases used by the suspect.

The first victim, a 15-year-old girl, agreed to have sex with “Teddy” for money on multiple occasions.

When she asked to be paid, she was promised she would get the money at a later date.

Eventually, she stopped visiting “Teddy.”

The suspect then allegedly posted a video of her having sex with him online, which was sent to several of her schoolmates.

He also allegedly posted it to a porn website.

She was notified by the principal of her school about the porn video and the police were called.

Upon further investigation, including a review of the defendant’s social media, two additional victims of the same type of scheme were identified, a 15-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl, both of whom were lured by “Coolen Jay” to have sex with “Teddy” in exchange for cash.

Neither girl was ever paid.

Anyone who is aware of additional victims of this scheme is urged to call the police at 646-872-7609.