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Man pushes arm into sewer pipe full of feces after iPhone 8 fell into toilet bowl while relieving himself

By Alexis Bell 1:25 PM February 12, 2018
Tan Qin with arm stuck in toilet pipe

A man suffered minor injuries after trying fish out an iPhone from a sewer pipe full of feces, according to police in China.

Liuzhou City police said that were called to a hotel, where the man got his arm stuck in the sewer pipe.

The incident unfolded on Saturday.

Tan Qin and his friends went drinking at the hotel located on West Road.

At some point, Qin went to the bathroom.

While relieving himself, Qin decided to play with his newly-bought iPhone 8.

Suddenly, the phone slipped out of his hands and fell into the toilet bowl.

Qin quickly pushed his hand into the toilet bowl in an effort to retrieve his iPhone 8 as it cost him $1,300.

Qin then reached into the toilet pipe but he was unable to grab his phone.

When Qin tried to pull out his hand, he realized that his arm was stuck.

He was too embarrassed to scream for help and was unable to call anyone because he just lost his phone.

He waited for 30 minutes until a janitor came into the bathroom.

The janitor called for help and the police and the fire department arrived at the scene.

Firefighters had to break the toilet bowl in order to free Qin’s arm.

Luckily, Qin just suffered minor cuts.

The hotel agreed to compensate Qin for his lost iPhone.