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Man sets fire to his grandmother’s furniture because she did not want to cook him a meal

By Alexis Bell 12:17 PM February 1, 2018
Fire (illustration)

A man was arrested after he set fire to his grandmother’s furniture because he was angry.

According to prosecutors, 19-year-old Kyle Arnold Alderman of the United Kingdom, who lived with his grandmother, threatened to kill her before setting a fire inside her home.

The Croydon Magistrates’ Court heard that Alderman came home drunk and asked his grandmother to prepare dinner for him.

When she refused to do so, Alderman said he was “going to kill her.”

Prosecutor Caroline Mungar said that the grandmother, Gabrielle Alderman, did not take the threat seriously and she did not fear her grandson.

Instead, she went outside to walk her dog in order to give her grandson time to cool off. However, she soon smelled smoke coming from the home.

She quickly went back inside to investigate the smell and she noticed that a chair had been set on fire.

Alderman ran outside and locked himself in a shed in the backyard. The grandson was arrested.

He pleaded guilty to causing the fire and was sentenced to a community order of 12 months, which includes paying restitution to his grandmother, complete 100 hours of unpaid work, receive treatment for his alcohol abuse, and attend a rehabilitation program.