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Man spanks stranger’s 2-year-old son who was nagging for candy because that’s how “they discipline kids in Mexico”

By Mason White 6:09 AM February 9, 2018
Juan Martinez

A grandmother said that was shocked and angered when a stranger decided to discipline her grandson.

Logan Morris, his mother Michelle Lott, and his 2-year-old son were at a Kroger supermarket in Newnan, Georgia.

As they were waiting at the checkout counter, the boy began nagging and asking for candy. Morris explained to his son that it was late and he was unable to get him the candy at this time.

The 2-years-old child kept nagging but Morris remained calm and stood his ground.

A customer in the store became irritated and disciplined the child. 62-year-old Juan Guvarra Martinez grabbed the boy, spun him around, and spanked him three times.

Martinez then told Morris: “this is what we do to kids in Mexico.”

Morris replied: “Buddy, we’re not in Mexico.”

Morris decided to leave the store instead of getting into a fight with Martinez. He called the police and Martinez, who was allegedly intoxicated, was arrested on multiple charges, including simple battery, child cruelty, disorderly conduct, and obstructing officers, according to jail records.