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Man suffers 3 strokes and brain hemorrhage after consuming 25 energy drinks at dance club

By Alexis Bell 8:49 AM February 9, 2018
Nick Mitchell

A man in the United Kingdom nearly died while having a good time at a dance club after consuming more than two dozen energy drinks over several hours.

56-year-old Nick Mitchell of West Yorkshire said that he drank many Red Bull and Monster energy drinks during a karaoke event at the dance club.

While partying at the dance club for about six hours, Mitchell consumed at least 25 cans of his favorite energy drink brands.

It did not take too long for Mitchell to feel the harsh effects of consuming too much caffeine.

He felt like someone was hitting his head with a sledgehammer.

Mitchell collapsed and he was rushed to a hospital.

Doctors told him that he had suffered three strokes and a brain hemorrhage as a result of the caffeine overdose.

Mitchell underwent emergency surgery at the Dewsbury Hospital.

Luckily, he survived, but he is unable to speak clearly.

He is now campaigning to make the energy drinks illegal as they are a health hazard.