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Man threw party for winning lottery before committing suicide after misplacing winning ticket

By Mason White 6:00 AM February 9, 2018

A man held a celebration in honor of winning a lottery and becoming a millionaire overnight.

However, the celebration was premature and short-lived.

According to police in Thailand, Jirawut Pongphan invited friends and family to his house to celebrate his great fortune of becoming a millionaire overnight before he actually got the money.

Pongphan had bought 7 lottery tickets and won. To his shock, the morning after the celebration, he woke up the winning ticket was gone, leaving him unable to claim his $1.6 million prize.

The 42-year-old father from Chonburi was devastated over the loss and committed suicide by shooting himself.

He left behind a suicide note saying: “I’m really sorry, please don’t bully my family, I did win the lottery prize.”

Police arrived at the scene and took evidence, including a list of names of people who attended the celebration.

Authorities are now investigating whether Pongphan indeed won the lottery and whether the ticket was stolen.