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Mayor promised speed bumps in woman’s neighborhood in exchange for sex

By Emily Lewis 9:44 AM February 15, 2018
Mayor David Stewart

A mayor tried to coerce a woman to have sex with him in exchange for favors, according to a complaint filed with the Florida Commission on Ethics.

Catherine Padilla of Lantana said that Mayor David Stewart promised speed bumps to slow down traffic in her neighborhood if she agreed to have sex with him.

Padilla rejected his advances.

Padilla claimed that Stewart asked her to sleep with him at a motel but she rejected this as well.

He drove her to the motel but she refused to get out of the car.

Stewart made the advances as Padilla was urging the town to approve speed pumps for her neighborhood.

Padilla said that vehicles were speeding in the residential neighborhood, which places lives at risk.

Padilla eventually started a petition and got more than 70% of the town residents to sign it.

The town approved the speed bumps.

Padilla later decided to file a complaint with the ethics committee.

When the ethics committee notified Stewart about the complaint, he went to Padilla’s home in an attempt to speak with her but she refused to open the door.

Padilla called the police and filed a complaint.

Stewart denied all the allegations, saying that in all his 18 years as mayor he never asked for anything in exchange for votes or favors.