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McDonald’s worker scooped up snow from outside store before returning to kitchen and putting it into drink

By William Martin 12:35 PM February 1, 2018
Ice coffee (illustration)

A McDonald’s customer was shocked to see an employee collecting snow from the ground on the street.

The customer used his cell phone to record the disturbing incident that unfolded in Hunan, China.

The man who identified himself as Mr. Chao uploaded the video to the Internet. The video shows a female employee with a McDonald’s uniform using the container of a blender to pick up melted snow.

She then walked into the restaurant. According to Chao, the woman walked into the kitchen to make cold drinks.

Chao said on social media that the woman put the snow into a container that was marked “for ice.”

After the video went viral, the restaurant manager denied the allegations that the snow was used in drinks.

Instead, the manager said that on the day of the incident, there was no running water in the restaurant so the worker used the snow for cleaning purposes.

He added that the restaurant used only bottled water to make drinks.