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Men given longer prison terms after being caught sodomizing each other in jail cell

By Mason White 6:53 AM February 7, 2018

Two men were punished with longer prison sentences after they were caught sodomizing each other in a jail cell.

Zivanai Mandengu, 20, and Tobias Tarusarira, 21, were at the Mutimurefu Prison in Zimbabwe when they were arrested again for sodomizing each other in a jail cell.

Mandengu was serving a four-year prison sentence for an attempted rape while Tarusarira was sentenced to 12 months in prison for illegal entry and theft.

They were sentenced to an additional 6 years in prison each after pleading guilty to sodomy.

According to prosecutors, Mandengu and Tarusarira were in different cells in the prison when they “hatched a plan to sodomize each other.”

Around 1:00 p.m., Tarusarira snuck out of his prison cell and joined Mandengu in his room, where they proceeded to have consensual sex.

Mandengu’s cellmate, Nabot Muzamani, caught them in the act.

Muzamani alerted the prison officers who reported the matter to the police, which led to Tarusarira and Mandengu being arrested.

The two were transported to Masvingo Provincial Hospital, where a medical examination confirmed that the men had sodomized each other, according to police.