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Mother turns herself into police after son threatened to shoot classmates with guns she bought to “teach him responsibility”

By Mason White 6:54 AM February 15, 2018
Lenora Hendrix

A mother is facing jail time after buying her 14-year-old son a stockpile of guns and ammunition.

A mother in Pennsylvania called the police to report that her daughter’s classmate threatened to shoot 4 classmates who he did not like.

The girl’s mother reported the threat to police. Due to the many school shootings carried out by students, police took the threat very seriously.

When police went to question the boy, who was not named, they found many guns and ammunition in his room.

The boy was arrested and the weapons were seized.

Police believe that they foiled a potentially catastrophic situation at Uniontown High School.

After learning that Lenora Ann Hendrix of Markleysburg bought the guns for her son, authorities received a warrant for her arrest.

Hendrix turned herself into police with her attorney.

Hendrix allegedly told police she let her son keep guns in his room to “teach him responsibility and let him grow up.”

The mother who was never in trouble with the law was charged with knowingly and intentionally delivering or providing a firearm to a minor.