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Pizza shop workers who were robbed at gunpoint unmask thief and see their former boss

By Emily Lewis 11:24 AM February 4, 2018
Sean Coulson

Workers at a pizza shop where shocked to discover that the masked thief who tried to rob them at gunpoint was their former boss.

Police in Massachusetts said that the man wearing a mask and carrying what turned out to be a fake gun entered the Northeast Pizza in Barre.

The surveillance video showed the man climbing the counter and forcing one of the workers to help him open the register so he can take cash.

Employees eventually managed to fight off and tackle the armed robber. They pushed him to the ground and kept him there until the police arrived.

When officers removed the mask from the intruder, the employees were shocked to discover that the would-be robber was their former manager, 30-year-old Sean Coulson.

The manager was reportedly fired after he came to work drunk and gave away free pizza to customers.

According to police, the suspect told officers that the robbery was a prank. However, police said that the surveillance video showed otherwise as he was violent and assaulted the employees.

The former manager now faces charges that include armed robbery and assault.