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Police arrested 12 transgender women and chopped off their hair in public before forcing them to put on men’s clothes

By Emily Lewis 7:01 AM February 7, 2018
Police officer cutting off hair from transgender women

A shocking video has emerged, showing police in Indonesia humiliating transgender women in public.

North Aceh Police Chief Ahmad Untung Surianata said that they received reports of drugs being used in the area of a hair salon.

In addition, police were tipped off to the salon that offered free services for high school boys. When officers raided the salon, they found 12 transgender women getting their hair done.

Human rights activists said that the raid was part of a crackdown on the LGBT community.

The 12 women were handcuffed and forced to put on men’s clothes before their hair was chopped off while many people gathered to watch.

Officers also ordered the transgender women to chant loudly to help their male voices come out.

The women were then taken into custody during “further guidance,” Surianata said.

Surianata reportedly said that this raid was part of an operation to prevent the LGBT community from “adversely affecting” Indonesia’s next generation.

Human rights leaders have called for the release of the 12 jailed women.