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Police sergeant arrested for hiring thugs to bust into his home and kidnap his wife’s lover while they were intimate

By Emily Lewis 5:42 AM February 5, 2018
Ese Idehen being attacked

A married man messed with the wrong person when he began having a sexual relationship with a married woman.

Ese Idehen of Benin City, Nigeria, was accused of having an affair with the wife of a police sergeant.

The sergeant who was identified as Nagbama Osakpamwan Eboigbe was unhappy with the relationship and allegedly hired a group of thugs who waited for Idehen to arrive at his home.

When Idehen and his lover became intimate, the group busted into the home.

According to the video of the incident that was uploaded to YouTube, the men kidnapped him and beat him before stealing all of his clothes.

Idehen was then placed in the trunk of a car and was abandoned in another area.

Idehen hired attorney Jefferson Uwoghiren and is suing Eboigbe who is the sergeant at the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) of the State Command.

In the lawsuit, the attorney wrote that the woman and the police sergeant are legally separated.

Eboigbe was arrested by officers of the Benin Police Headquarters for brazen abuse of power, criminal abduction, assault, and battery.

The suspects who carried out the attack were also arrested.