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Police warn parents to stop feeding their kids bleach as cure for autism

By Alexis Bell 2:25 PM February 4, 2018
Autism awareness (illustration)

At least 6 police departments across the United Kingdom are investigating parents who fed their autistic children bleach in an attempt to cure them.

The police have warned the parents that they will face charges of child abuse if they continue to give their autistic children the solution offered by Danny Glass.

Glass has a popular YouTube channel on which he claims that his solution, which contains bleach, will cure autistic children.

He also believes that the bleach solution could cure malaria and cancer.

Glass explained that autism is caused by parasites in the body and bleach will cleanse the children.

Doctors have warned parents against feeding their children bleach as the acid burns the body on contact and can cause death.

The doctors also explained that autism is neurological condition and is not caused by parasites.

The dangerous drug called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) is being sold worldwide.

A church with 27 locations is urging its followers to use the drug to treat all sorts of incurable conditions.