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Prisoner breaks inmate’s jaw who accused him of stealing ramen noodles

By Tanya Clark 8:29 AM February 13, 2018
Jesse Jones

A man is facing an extended prison sentence after breaking the jaw of his fellow inmate during a dispute over ramen noodles.

32-year-old Jesse Jones of North Dakota faces an aggravated assault charge after investigators said he attacked another prisoner after being accused of stealing ramen noodles.

Police were called to the Ward County jail Minot, at around 5:15 a.m., on Saturday, on a report of an assault.

Investigators said that surveillance video shows Jones speaking with 26-year-old inmate David Pieper Jr.

During their exchange, Jones leaned over and punched Pieper.

Pieper fell unconscious and his jaw broke in two places, which made it difficult for him to speak.

According to police, the victim indicated in his written statement that he accused Jones of stealing seven Ramen noodle packages and a bowl.

The ramen noodles had been in Pieper’s cell before it went missing. In repose, Jones attacked him.

Jones, who was in custody on minor charges, is now facing an additional five years in prison.