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Prostitute and topless model tells police she is Adolf Hitler after beating officers who tried to remove her from a restaurant

By Tanya Clark 1:51 PM February 13, 2018
Zaynab Alkhatib

A topless model and prostitute threatened to commit suicide after a restaurant told her to leave, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Manchester police said that they have arrested 31-year-old Zaynab Alkhatib after being accused of assaulting police officers at the Piccadilly Railway station following a fight with her boyfriend, 48-year-old Andrew Hamer.

In court, Alkhatib pleaded guilty to assault on police.

The judge ordered her to stay out of trouble for 18 months and told her to pay court costs in the amount of $135.

According to the police investigation, Alkhatib worked as an escort and a topless model.

She once boasted of giving discounts to students who booked her services.

Recently, Alkhatib announced that she has found love and began living with Hamer.

One night, at around 11:00 p.m., Alkhatib and Hamer went to eat a restaurant at the Piccadilly Railway station.

At some point, she began fighting with Hamer.

When the restaurant manager told her to leave, she refused and threatened to commit suicide.

Alkhatib threatened to jump from the restaurant’s balcony and end her life.

Police officers who arrived at the scene tried to detain her.

She dropped to the floor and identified herself as Adolf Hitler.

She then assaulted the officers.

Eventually, the police managed to take Alkhatib into custody.