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Scaffolder arrested for endangering his own life by working without connecting his harness

By Mason White 11:37 AM February 4, 2018
Terrance Murray on top of the scaffolding

A man was shocked when police arrested him for not wearing a connected harness while working on a scaffold.

27-year-old construction worker Terrance Tyson Murray of Manchester, England, was arrested and charged with Breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act.

To his surprise, Murray was told that he is facing up to six months in prison.

According to officials, Murray was erecting scaffolding at the side of a 6-story office building as he was preparing to fix windows for the Crown Prosecution Service.

A retired health and safety inspector spotted Murray 60 feet up on the scaffold.

He was wearing a harness but it was not connected to the scaffolding, which would ensure that he does not get injured on the job site.

The retired inspector took a photo of Murray as he was violating the code and handed it over to police.

HM inspector of health and safety Matt Greenly said that Murray chose for some unknown reason to take his life into his own hands that day by violating the safety laws and not securing himself.

“This is a situation which could easily have been avoided. He had all the right equipment,” Greenly added.

District Judge Mark Hadfield recommended that he hire an attorney as the charge is a serious one.

Murray said that he had no idea he can face 6 months in prison over this incident.