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Social worker took $10,000 in food stamps from couple whose 5-year-old son was severely abused and killed

By Mason White 5:30 AM February 5, 2018
Larissa Rodriguez (left) and Nancy Caraballo

A social worker whose job was to protect children was arrested for stealing food from them and allowing them to be severely abused.

Police in Ohio were called to a home after a man reported that his brother’s stepson was killed and buried in their backyard.

Investigators found the body of 5-year-old Jordan Rodriguez, who had special needs, in a grave behind his home on West 80th Street.

Sadly, the boy died while being abused by those who were supposed to protect him.

Jordan’s mother, Larissa Rodriguez, and his stepfather, Christopher Rodriguez, were arrested on murder charges.

While investigating the incident, authorities looked into whether the social worker who was assigned to help the family reported any abuse.

To their surprise, authorities discovered that social worker, Nancy Caraballo, falsified records and she did not visit the home.

Furthermore, she took the couple’s food stamps that were meant for the children.

According to police, Larissa Rodriguez received $1,000 a month in food stamps. Instead of using it to feed her children, the mother sold it to the social worker for 50 cents on the dollar.

Larissa Rodriguez and Nancy Caraballo were charged for the food stamps fraud. Caraballo was also fired from her job.

According to family members, Rodriguez is a mother of 9 children and pregnant with her 10th child. The children were removed from her custody.