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Subway employee pulls gun on customer over dispute about the way he made a sandwich

By Mason White 8:08 AM February 12, 2018
Sandwich (illustration)

A fight over a sandwich got out of control when a fast-food employee pulled a gun on a customer, according to police in Tennessee.

Police in Nashville said that the employee pointed the gun at his customer and then tried to hide the weapon in a box of mayonnaise packages.

Officers were dispatched to the Clarksville Pike Subway, at around 4:30 p.m., on Saturday.

That customer told the officers that his family was at the restaurant when he and an employee got into an argument over how a sandwich was being prepared.

After exchanging words, the family left the store. The employee, 18-year-old Tazmane Moore, also exited the store and went to his vehicle.

Moore then pulled a pistol from his car and started waving the gun in the client’s direction while saying: “What now?” Police wrote in the arrest report.

No one was injured but the customer called the police.

Moore returned to the restaurant. When police arrived and questioned him about the gun, Moore insisted that he “used a hairbrush to make the customer believe that he had a gun,” police said.

However, police did not believe his account of the incident and reviewed surveillance video.

The video showed Moore emptying a box of mayonnaise packages and placing something inside. He then placed the mayonnaise packs back inside.

Officers searched the box and found the gun. Moore then allegedly admitted to putting the gun in the box “because he was afraid.”

He also told the officers that he took out the gun because the customer “cursed him.”

Moore denied pointing the gun at the family. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.