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Teacher removes his belt and hit student who spat on his head during class

By Emily Lewis 1:48 PM February 7, 2018
Belt (illustration)

The students of a teacher in Texas were shocked to see the educator removing his belt and striking a student repeatedly during class.

Cypress Woods police said that they have launched an investigation after seeing a video that showed the teacher chasing after his student and repeatedly hitting him with a belt.

The incident allegedly unfolded on Friday morning at the Cypress Woods High School.

The educator teaches English in the high school.

Students who witnessed the incident said that the boy spat at the teacher’s head right before the altercation.

A video that was uploaded on Facebook showed the student wiping something into the head of the teacher.

The teacher then removed his belt and ran after the student around the classroom.

The teacher then repeatedly struck the student with the belt.

School officials said that they immediately removed the teacher from campus.

So far, no charges have been filed.