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Teenage animal abuser records himself throwing defenseless cat into large body of water

By Tanya Clark 1:29 PM February 12, 2018
Garratt Haile

People were outraged after seeing a video that showed a cruel teenager throwing a defenseless cat into a large body of water, according to police in California.

The Patterson Police Services said that earlier this month, they have received information about the disturbing video, which had been posted on a private Facebook group page.

The video showed the teenager throwing the cat into the large body of water as he and others were joking about the action.

The Patterson Police Services Facebook page also received several private messages informing them of the video and the identity of the animal abuser.

Deputies were able to identify the suspect as 18-year old Garratt Haile of Patterson.

Deputies then went to Garratt’s residence and interviewed him.

Garratt was arrested and booked into the Stanislaus County Jail on a charge of animal cruelty.

It is believed this incident occurred several months ago.

Several other suspects who were with Garratt at the time the video was recorded are still being sought by the police.

“This is an excellent example of the public’s cooperation and we certainly appreciate it,” said Patterson Police Services Chief Jeff Dirkse.

“With calls we received and the information shared with us via social media, we were able to quickly investigate, identify, and make an arrest in this case,” he added.

Eventually, the cameraman who recorded the cat abuse video has been located and arrested.

His name will not be released because of his age.

Police do not know whether the cat survived.