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Teenager gouges out both her eyes while sitting on train tracks

By William Martin 8:41 AM February 8, 2018

Police were called by witnesses who were shocked and disturbed by a teenager after she gouged out her own eyes.

Investigators in South Carolina are working to determine whether the 19-year-old woman was under the influence of drugs when she gouged out both her eyes on Tuesday morning.

Elizabeth Hiott, who works at the South Main Chapel and Mercy Center in Anderson, which is across the street from where the incident unfolded, called 911 after hearing people screaming for help.

Hiott said that she witnessed the woman gouging her eyes out as passersby desperately tried to stop her.

The teenager sat on train tracks and fought off the good Samaritans who tried to stop her from harming herself.

The woman managed to gouge out both of her eyes before emergency workers were able to detain her and take her to a hospital.