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Thief gets robbed moments after breaking into bakery and stealing a television

By Alexis Bell 9:01 AM February 8, 2018
Father and daughter moments before robbery

A thief got a taste of his own medicine when he was robbed of the loot he stole from a bakery.

The 32-year-old man of Brazil broke into a pastry shop and stole a television.

When he left the bakery, he was approached by another criminal who robbed him and took the device.

Police were called to the bakery at the Captain Clovis Square in the Center of Boa Vista for a reported robbery.

Workers told police that a man broke into the store with his 9-year-old daughter and he stole a television.

Store employees told police that they knew the man who is an immigrant from Venezuela. He is a father of 2 children who often came to the bakery and was given free food.

Police located the father and demanded the TV. The 32-year-old suspect told police that while he was leaving the crime scene, a man on a bike rode towards him and identified himself as a vigilante.

The vigilante ordered him to hand over the TV or face being arrested. The suspect gave the stolen item to the man on the bike and he left.

After reviewing surveillance videos from the area, investigators discovered that the man on the bike was not a good Samaritan but rather a thief who robbed the first thief.

Police confiscated the pliers that were used to break the three locks on the bakery and the father was arrested for theft. His 2 young daughters were taken to a shelter.

According to police, at least 30 children and 50 adult immigrants were sleeping in the area of Captain Clovis Square at the time they arrived to arrest the suspect.