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Tourists complaining of carbon monoxide poisoning discover their symptoms were from pot brownies

By William Martin 7:04 AM February 14, 2018
Brownies (illustration)

Emergency workers were called by tourists in Canada who believed they were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Provincial police Const. Adam Belanger said that officers were called to a cottage in Northern Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, early on Saturday morning.

The group of people who were renting the home reported feeling sick. Firefighters tested the cottage but found that there was no carbon monoxide in the air.

Police then questioned all of the 10 vacationers and discovered that those who felt sick, had consumed brownies for dessert.

The cake was tested and police discovered that it was laced with drugs. So far, no charges have been filed.

“This is the first incident that we had in the Bruce Peninsula, but with the legalization of marijuana coming up, it could possibly be something that we run into more often,” Belanger said.